扭轉凳 / Twist Stool


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「扭轉」是臺灣傳統鐵窗上面最簡單的元素,在臺南的街道與巷弄中,時常可以看到家家戶戶的鐵窗上,大都有扭轉鐵條樣式的元素,既 簡約又別具獨特的地方風格。利用大家所熟悉的圖樣元素設計成凳子。椅腳是由三個三角形的扭轉單元所組成,扭轉元素的使用,增加椅子在 三角形結構上的強度。

Grille is an important, traditional symbol of Taiwanese life and has been an integral part of the Taiwanese landscape for decades. In Tainan, one can still find and see many of these traditional grilles, but sadly, this type of custom-made grille is rapidly disappearing in favor of cheap mass-produced grills. As a result, the craftsmanship of creating these grills is disappearing.
Twisted metal is a characteristic feature of the traditional Taiwanese window grill. The legs of the stool are composed of three triangular elements, to which the twisting of the metal gives added structural strength.

Size / W37cm x D37cm x H47.5cm
Seat Diameter / 32cm x H3.2cm
Material / Iron . Wood
Weight / 5kg
Year / 2012