2022 台北國際書展 臺大出版中心 展場設計



國立臺灣大學出版中心(臺大出版中心) 透過嚴謹的學術審查機制與專業編輯服務,戮力於出版學術專書,以出版引領學術,連結研究與教學。2022年台北國際書展為臺大出版中心首次獨立參展,想藉由展場呈現廣大學術知識的核心價值。






The Gate of Knowledge

To link academic research with education, National Taiwan University Press (NTUP) is dedicated to publish scholarly publications through rigorous peer-review and professional editorial process. Accordingly, NTUP participated 2022 Taipei International Book Exhibition (TiBE) independently and attempted to showcase its core values of academic knowledge in the delicate expression of venue.

The venue is also a form of architectural space, and its design all starts with precise structural calculation, just as the academic review served as the cornerstone of NTUP.

Arcades, arches, arched windows, and arched columns frequently appear in the historical buildings on NTU campus. “Arch,” common architectural structure and element, extends beyond NTU campus and serves as the key visual design with structural supports of stacking unitized bookcases functioning as “arched columns.”

These “stacked columns” of bookcases in various combinations and sustainable uses represent “the accumulation of knowledge,” essentially similar to scholarly publications as the central pillar of the NTUP.

Given the fact that NTUP authentically features its publications in the academic context, its venue utilizes eco-friendly materials to faithfully demonstrate its original wood texture and then manifest the role of “book” in its key vision, when compared to large format printing frequently used in venue design.

The unitized seats not only are better utilized to arrange arbitrarily in multifarious geometric patterns served as lecture sessions or casual space for TiBE visitors, but also add visual variety to the venue design. With precise calculations, the overall installation process could be completed within 4 hours.



2022 TiBE台北國際書展

國立臺灣大學出版中心 (台北世貿一館B327)



活動企劃 | 國立臺灣大學出版中心 團隊

空間設計 | 陳 彥豪

商品陳列設計/攝影 | 王 亭昱

主視覺設計 | 國立臺灣大學出版中心 團隊

空間攝影 | 劉 俊佑 /修改次數有限公司final_final studio

設計面積 | 19坪 / 63m2